Aaliyah and Diddy @ Nas “I Am…” album release party

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Rare Aaliyah, 94

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Trying to remain positive and uplifting as the 25th draws nearer.

As the world gets darker, I take some solace in the fact Aaliyah is in a place so much better than this. I believe now more than ever that God needed you for something so much bigger and greater.

I still miss you more than ever LiLi, but it would be selfish of me to wish you to come back to the evil of this world, just so I can see your face again. I believe that you are in a place where no time exists, experiencing a paradise and happiness that is unobtainable whilst we’re here on this Earth. Now you are happier than ever, and doing so much more on the other side. I just know you’re dancing up a storm, amongst the stars, waiting for the rest of us to join you so we too can experience the joy that you are and have been for the (almost) 13 years that you’ve been gone.

I hope I get to one day. Save a dance for me… 

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Delroy Lindo speaks about Aaliyah at MOBO 2002 awards, while accepting an award for “More Than A Woman” in “Best Video” category on her behalf.

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My grandmother was such an important figure in my upbringing. Through her I learned about the need to put maximum effort, to strive and to treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s one thing being a modern girl and being street, but we all got to have our links with the past. ~ Aaliyah, 2001

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On August 21, 2001 ΛΛLIYΛH made her last TV appearance on BET’s 106 & Park.

She was so beautiful. ❤ :( 

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Rare photo of Diane and Rashad Haughton at MTV VMA, year unknown.

Beautiful Diane <3 

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Rare small clip of Aaliyah and ICE CUBE @ the 2000 MTV Movie Awards. Credit AaliyahVids

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