Look at this chump…. He ain’t even know what to DO when Aaliyah started to drop it low. He almost had a heart attack.


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'94 Week: 20 Best R&B Albums Of 1994

6. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number, Aaliyah

Release Date: May 24, 1994
Label: Blackground/Jive

Before Aaliyah became the colossal success that she was, BabyGirl was a teenager with a style described as “street but sweet.” Her mentor R. Kelly helped craft her debut album Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number an archetypal project of sorts that brought significant elements of the New Jack Swing Era and mixed them with hip-hop rhythms. While Aaliyah’s voice played a dominant role in her success, it was her style — complete with bandanas, baggy jeans, and an exposed navel — that showed the world you could be feminine but still hang with the fellas.

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You give me a really good feelin all day long.


Aaliyah x My Chemical Romance - “Are You the Ghost of That Somebody (Jonah Kue Mix)”

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so I’m sitting here watching kimbra’s music video ’90s music’ and I noticed something when it cuts to this scene




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