Movies Aaliyah appeared in and was signed on to do at the time of her passing.
She was also signed on to do ‘Some Kind Of Blue’ which was going to be a period piece set during the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival. It was to be an interracial love story of a man who falls for his jazz idol’s daughter, who was going to be played by Aaliyah. 

Some Kind Of Blue co-producer Robert Teitel of State Street Pictures told LAUNCH that he and his partner George Tillman told Aaliyah about the movie in 2000: “George and I had lunch with Aaliyah, and we were talking about some of our projects. We’ve been having a tough time trying to do a period piece. It was hard to get off the ground. Aaliyah fell in love with the story. The writer-director, Alison Swan, pitched it to her. They came up with this take. Aaliyah was so committed to it. George and I went to the studio - we have a deal with 20th Century Fox. With Aaliyah, it just elevated the project.”

I’m not sure if the project ever came to fruition after Aaliyah’s passing. 

Honourary mention: Aaliyah also appeared in Rashad Haughton’s short film, ‘The Mim Rose’

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